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Note about the final

Please be sure to show up for the final on Tuesday. Neither Professor Markus nor myself will be in Gainesville after Tuesday, so it will not be possible for you to make it up.

Good luck with the studying! Enjoy your weekend!

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News releases

For lab 10, you will be writing a news release based on a provided prompt.

Take a look at the following examples, paying close attention to the style and format the authors use.

Red Cross

Habitat for Humanity

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PR extra credit

Your extra credit assignment is to write a brief press release based on the following information. Use the sample news releases posted on the Web site, our discussion in lecture and Chapter 14 to guide you in writing the release in terms of content, organization and format.

Who: The UF Jazz Band
What: A back-to-school concert at the J. Wayne Reitz Union at UF
When: 3 p.m., Friday, June 10
Cost: $10 per person
Why: To raise money for the UF Student Leader Scholarship Fund. This fund supplies first-generation UF students with money for essential supplies, such as laptop computers, books and other needs.

More: We want to help first-generation students who may have a difficult time paying for expensive school supplies. To qualify, students must prove their financial hardship and must be a first-generation student. Students are eligible for up to $1,000 at the start of their freshman year of college. We want to encourage these students to stay in and complete school.

The UF Jazz Band will play popular music, including recent top-20 hits. Students will have an opportunity to join in the fun with conga lines and audience participation songs.

Quote: from Josh Jameson, band director:
“Several students in our jazz band are first-generation students, so we felt it was important to give other students the opportunity to succeed.”

About UF Student Leader Scholarship Fund: Our mission is to help first-generation students succeed in college through the provision of funds for essential school supplies.

Posted by: The Cox Family | June 7, 2011

Photography Reading

On Thursday, we will discuss photojournalism. After this lecture, you will go out onto the campus and take 10-20 pictures for a slide show advertisement in lab 11.

Please read this article before coming to lecture Thursday.

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Don’t forget, in lieu of coming to class Monday, you need to watch this virtual lecture online. Selections from it, along with information from the ethics readings I posted last week and chapter 14 on public relations writing will be on your quiz on Tuesday.

Enjoy the extra bit of sleep!

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Helpful sites

For those of you hoping to get your E/H/S/T story published (and that should be all of you), I have been told that this site is accepting some student articles.

Here are the websites that Mr. Cox shared with you in class today. They may provide helpful hints for helping you find story ideas.

  • Al’s Morning Meeting (
  • (Society of Environmental Journalists)
  • (Association of Health Care Journalists)
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Quiz 4 & ethics readings

Instead of coming to class on Monday, you will watch this virtual lecture discussing newspaper ethics and issues. The online lecture poses several ethical questions for you to think about.

For 5 extra credit points (that will be added to your midterm grade), submit your response to some or all of these questions (no more than one page) in lecture on Tuesday. Your responses can be in first person and do not need to adhere to the 1-2-sentence per graf rule.

The lecture, along with the readings listed below, will be fair game for your final quiz on Tuesday.

Also for your quiz, you need to read chapter14 on public relations writing, which we will discuss during lecture Tuesday.

Orlando Sentinel Code of Ethics

Jason Blair scandal

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E/H/S examples

As you know, you will be handing in your completed E/H/S/T story in lab on Tuesday, and they will count as two lab grades. Here are a few helpful examples  that might help you as you report and write:

Technology helps victims

Kid sews up patients


Keewaydin shuttle

Rookery Bay

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Extra credit opportunity extended

For those of you who did not get a chance to participate in the extra credit research survey that I posted last week, you still have a chance. The study has been extended until Friday.

If you would like to participate (for 5 extra credit points added to your midterm), visit

Good luck on the quiz tomorrow!

Posted by: The Cox Family | May 26, 2011

Extra credit opportunity

One of my colleagues is conducting a research project and asked for our help. If you complete the survey by Monday at midnight, I will add 5 points to your midterm grade.

Here is the information:

Thank you for your interest in the study. This study is designed to test the market feasibility of a U.K. television show among U.S. college students. You will watch 10 minute episode first and be asked about a series of questions about the show. In total the study will take 20 to 25 minutes to complete.
Yes, it takes some time on your part. Fortunately, Professor Cox will offer extra credit for the participation. To receive extra credit, you MUST type the LAST 4 DIGIT OF UFID and LAST NAME at the BEGINNING and END of the study (twice).
Please visit to participate in the study by MONDAY MIDNIGHT (May 30TH). Any questions should be directed to Chunsik Lee at

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