Posted by: The Cox Family | May 9, 2011

Lab 2

Hello all! I hope you’re doing well and adjusting to the early start time! (It’s a struggle for me, too!)

During lecture on Tuesday, we will have a resume workshop, so please bring in a rough draft of your resume. For Lab 2, you will turn in your completed resume at the start of class. Following that, you will write a cover letter for a job or internship you might realistically apply for someday.

This is a great chance to get started on your professional side. Some tips:

1) When you start applying for jobs/internships, make sure your voicemail/answering machine message is appropriate (no loud music or goofy messages).

2) Make sure there are NO grammatical errors on your resume or cover letter (it’s the quickest way to get them sent to the trash can).

3) Identify a contact person with whom you can familiarize yourself (don’t say, To Whom it May Concern:).

4) Dress for the job you want, even if it’s not the job you have.

5) Talk up your experience in a way that is enticing to the company; What can you do for them?


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