Posted by: The Cox Family | May 26, 2011

Test grades posted

I posted your test grades to Sakai. The average was low (79), so I curved them.

Have a nice Memorial Day weekend!

Posted by: The Cox Family | May 26, 2011

Quiz 3 update!

Please read this article on blogging for class on Tuesday. It, along with chapters 5 & 19, will be on your quiz on Tuesday.

See you Tuesday!

Posted by: The Cox Family | May 26, 2011


I am running a few minutes late this morning. If you get this message before class, please tell your classmates.

See you soon.

Posted by: The Cox Family | May 24, 2011

Quiz 3

Due to our tight schedule, we still need to have quiz 3 on Tuesday. The quiz will be 10 questions ONLY on the readings due that day (Chaps. 5 & 19).

There is good news, though! We will only have one day of class next week (Tuesday!). Monday is Memorial Day, and I am giving you Thursday off to work on your EHST stories (which we will discuss in lecture Tuesday).

See you tomorrow!

Posted by: The Cox Family | May 23, 2011

Preparation for lab next Tuesday

Nice job on the press conference with Mr. Allen today. You all asked some excellent questions.

Remember, you need to get at least two more sources for a story that you will turn in at the start of lab next Tuesday (May 31). Your story should include at least three direct quotes.

Remember to keep your story focused – do not write about all of the responsibilities of Mr. Allen’s department.

Posted by: The Cox Family | May 23, 2011

Lab 6 preparation — Profiles

In Lab 6 you’re going to be interviewing a classmate and writing a personality profile. We will be covering this process in lecture Tuesday.

Here are a few samples of profiles for you to look at:

This one is an excellent example of what you’ll be doing, as is this one.

This one, from the St. Petersburg Times, is a bit lengthy, but it’s a great read.

Posted by: The Cox Family | May 19, 2011

Lab 5

You will spend Lab 5 working on a feature story based on a sheet provided by your lab instructor.

Make sure you look up the examples I posted on the blog this week.

Here is the rubric.

Good luck!

Posted by: The Cox Family | May 19, 2011

Extra credit due Tuesday

In Lab 5, you will be writing a news feature on deadline based on information you receive from your lab instructor. That story will be your graded assignment for Lab 5.

To help you prepare for that deadline writing assignment, write five feature ledes. Be creative, have fun, but also remember to be appropriate to the topic.

After writing the ledes, select one, and write a 4-5 paragraph story, which should include the quote and contact information for the summer camp. Your story should also include a nut graf, summarizing the point of the story.

You will turn in this assignment during lab on Tuesday, May 24.


Write your story and ledes based on the following information:

  • The Gainesville YMCA will host a drama camp, called “Lights, Camera, Action,” for aspiring young actors and actresses
  • Students ages 5-15 can sign up for the camp from May 20-June 30
  • The camp will take place from Aug. 1-25
  • Students will have the opportunity to train with actors from the local Gainesville Actor’s Playhouse.
  • They will learn to memorize lines, interact with others and the audience on stage and get the opportunity to star in plays throughout the month. They will also help construct scenery.
  • Older campers will get the chance to help write and direct short skits
  • Students will work on well-known plays, from Red Riding Hood to scenes from A Midsummer Night’s Dream
  • Quote from Joshua James, director of Lights, Camera, Action: “This camp allows up the opportunity to reach out to the young people in this community and help them to reach for the stars.”
  • For more information, visit the camp Web site at
Posted by: The Cox Family | May 19, 2011

Lab 4 video

Here is the link to the video press conference for part two of the lab assignment.

Posted by: The Cox Family | May 19, 2011

Risk Management Office

On Monday, you will turn in a list of questions (typed) for our speaker, Kenneth Allen, emergency management coordinator for the University of Florida. This will count as quiz 2.

Before writing your questions, make sure you visit the Risk Management Office Web site for information about what Mr. Allen’s office does. This will help you to construct thoughtful questions.

Bring two copies of your questions to class. You will turn in one for a quiz grade. I will be grading you on the thoughtfulness of your questions. It should be apparant that you have thoroughly researched the website.

Have a great weekend!

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