Posted by: The Cox Family | June 7, 2011

PR extra credit

Your extra credit assignment is to write a brief press release based on the following information. Use the sample news releases posted on the Web site, our discussion in lecture and Chapter 14 to guide you in writing the release in terms of content, organization and format.

Who: The UF Jazz Band
What: A back-to-school concert at the J. Wayne Reitz Union at UF
When: 3 p.m., Friday, June 10
Cost: $10 per person
Why: To raise money for the UF Student Leader Scholarship Fund. This fund supplies first-generation UF students with money for essential supplies, such as laptop computers, books and other needs.

More: We want to help first-generation students who may have a difficult time paying for expensive school supplies. To qualify, students must prove their financial hardship and must be a first-generation student. Students are eligible for up to $1,000 at the start of their freshman year of college. We want to encourage these students to stay in and complete school.

The UF Jazz Band will play popular music, including recent top-20 hits. Students will have an opportunity to join in the fun with conga lines and audience participation songs.

Quote: from Josh Jameson, band director:
“Several students in our jazz band are first-generation students, so we felt it was important to give other students the opportunity to succeed.”

About UF Student Leader Scholarship Fund: Our mission is to help first-generation students succeed in college through the provision of funds for essential school supplies.


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